101 Business Corridor & Focus Area One

Focus Area One, which includes the Ventura Auto Center and the soon-to-be developed Olivas Park area, consists of more than 150 acres of development. It is slated to become a state-of-the art commercial district that will serve the City of Ventura and the region with experiential retail.

Ventura’s Auto Center is the largest contributor to the City’s local economy in terms of sales tax. The area attracts hundreds of thousands of shoppers per year but is grossly underserved by adjacent complementary retail. A $40 million investment in new infrastructure – construction of a road and levee – will serve as a catalyst for development of a new commercial center that will further strengthen the Auto Center, serve as an amenity to the City’s residents, and attract visitors from the surrounding region and beyond.


Photo: Ventura Visitors and Convention Bureau

Downtown Ventura is charming, historic and walkable. With its trendy eateries, antique shops, breweries, bakeries, historic buildings, independent bookstores, art galleries, boutiques, outdoor cafes, park spaces, a farmer’s market, one of California’s oldest missions and a vibrant arts scene, Downtown Ventura is the ideal place to live, work and play.

Patagonia, The Trade Desk, and Petunia Picklebottom all keep their global corporate headquarters in Downtown Ventura.

Ventura Harbor

Photo: Ventura Visitors and Convention Bureau

Known as the gateway to the Channel Islands National Park, Ventura Harbor offers waterfront restaurants, specialty shops, entertainment and commercial and recreational boating facilities. Luxury apartments are under construction and will feature stellar views, a public promenade, and water taxi service. Development of new commercial, visitor-serving amenities is underway.

Not only is the Harbor a fun destination for families and visitors, it is also a commercial fishing port and it provides a significant boost to the local and state economies.

Ventura’s fruit de la mer? Squid! Calamari to be precise. Ventura Harbor prides itself as being one of the largest squid harbors on the West Coast. The value of the more than 28 million pounds of market squid offloaded in Ventura Harbor each year is more than $8 million!

 West of the Ventura Harbor is the South Seaward and Pierpont area, which includes shopping, restaurants, beach access and bike paths, as well as an established single family community of waterfront homes with boat docks known as the Ventura Keys.

Midtown & Wellness District

Photo: Ventura County Medical Center

Ventura’s Wellness District is anchored by not one but two newly constructed, state-of-the-art hospitals located within half a mile of one another and each undergoing major capital improvement projects, representing a combined $630 million investment boost right in the heart of Midtown Ventura.

 Kaiser Permanente is also building a state-of-the-art medical facility just three miles from the Wellness District, solidifying Ventura’s position as the epicenter of the region’s growing healthcare industry. These new investments in healthcare facilities represent a significant expansion to the built environment of the city of Ventura, and a rare opportunity to leverage the expanding economic and employment footprint of the hospitals.

 The Wellness District is a strategic location for medical and medical-related businesses, aimed at healthy living and prevention aimed businesses like yoga studios and organic markets, educational opportunities, and housing.

In addition to the two major hospitals, and ancillary businesses such as urgent care centers, family practices, specialty clinics and assisted living communities, the area is also anchored by the Pacific View Mall (a Mace Rich property). Two Target stores, Sprouts, Trader Joe’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy’s, Lowes, financial institutions, jewelers, furniture stores, travel agencies, and a variety of restaurants and shops generate a heavy volume of commerce for the area.

Westside & the Avenue

Nestled between the Ventura River, the Pacific Ocean and the Ventura hills, the Westside, also known as ‘The Avenue,’ has a rich history as an economic engine fueled by the oil industry, and it boasts a vibrant cultural scene populated by Mexican-owned businesses and families. Charming homes intersect with top-notch Mexican eateries, galleries and studios. In addition to schools, community centers, and parks, the area is flanked by corporate giants Shell and Pepsi, providing jobs and investment in the area and our region.